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Are you the Cake or the Frosting?

Hey, cupcake!


We all love eating cupcakes, but did you know there’s a theory behind this sweet treat that will change the way you approach relationships? Introducing: The Cupcake Theory!


The Cupcake Theory: The Secret Ingredient to Being Happy in Your Relationships is a self-help and inspirational book on self-worth and romantic relationships using a unique analogy between cupcakes and people. You’ll eat up this short, sweet book, which is simple, digestible, and full of delicious wisdom.


Consumption of The Cupcake Theory may lead to:

  • Increased confidence and self-acceptance

  • Engaging in healthy relationships

  • Deleting dating apps as you learn new ways to encounter romance or repair a broken connection

  • Discovering how love and relationships are analogous to cupcakes
    Hint: we're looking past the colorful frosting!

  • Finding out what kind of cupcake you might be so you can proudly flaunt your flavor.


The Cupcake Theory encourages you to #bethecake and let this delicious treat make you happy inside and out... That’s seriously SWEET!


You’ll love the 10 illustrations and find yourself nodding along at the relatable anecdotes. This insightful 64-page book offers a unique perspective about relationships and guarantees you’ll never look at cupcakes the same way!


Foreword by Robert J. Thomas, Ph.D., best-selling author of Geeks and Geezers and Crucibles of Leadership.


Are you ready to discover The Cupcake Theory?

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Since 2013, The Cupcake Theory has inspired people of all ages and stages of life to engage in healthy relationships. Here’s what a few cupcake-lovers had to say about the book:


“Cupcakes are now so trendy, but Clara Lee’s advice is tested, tried, and ever true. Teen girls, in particular, should heed her simple lessons about loving and depending on themselves as the cornerstone for a healthy romantic relationship.”

- Janet Lever, Author, Cal State L.A. Professor of Sociology and former “Sex and Health” columnist for Glamour magazine


"Clara Lee engages our hearts and minds as women, in finding the beauty of faithfulness to ourselves and evolving our self-perceptions through her innovative theory of a cupcake. She has done a remarkable job in designing a way to motivate women to develop the skills to accept themselves for who they are and making themselves a priority."

- Gabriella Valez, Talent manager and Fitness Director


"The Cupcake Theory applies universally, not just to women. It is full of wonderful, digestible bits that serve as a reminder to men and women alike that a successful relationship starts with a rooted foundation in oneself. This is a go-to-guide with a valuable message that can be understood by teens and adults alike."

- Heidi Netzley, Manager, Creative Services at top Fortune 500 Entertainment Company


"...It didn't take me long for me to realize that Clara Lee was on to something. ...the simplest pieces of advice are often the most profound. Don't be surprised if something you might have thought of as frivolous turns out to hold the key to discovering your inner beauty."

 - Robert J. Thomas, Ph.D.; Best-Selling Author, Teacher, Consultant of Leadership and Transformational Change, Author of The Foreword of The Cupcake Theory


Ready to discover the secret ingredient in happy relationships?

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The Cupcake Theory is now available on

*Thousands of copies sold

*100+ Speaking Engagements & Events


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