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"Passionate about helping people create change"

Clara Lee (AZRA) is an Asian-American Substance Pop singer/songwriter and author of The Cupcake Theory, she has experience in Modeling, Speaking, Certified Life Coaching and Corporate management consulting.

Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Northern California, Lee is a graduate of Boston University. Her creative, performing and entrepreneurial spirits were honed at BU, where she gained the knowledge and skills to successfully build businesses and develop leadership and creative self-expression. She also spent numerous semesters obsessing over various philosophy courses involving transcendentalism and existentialism. She spent most of her spare time since childhood and through college journaling, singing, dancing, performing, public speaking, and playing violin and piano. Eventually, Lee's love for music and performing arts led her to the world of Music & Entertainment. 

She has a personal philosophy for helping and inspiring others, which was seeded by a traumatic physical experience of temporarily losing her eyesight at the age of 19. The experience led her to develop her core beliefs of being true and authentic from inside and out, and stimulated her purpose/mission to help others achieve breakthroughs and reach their full potential through utilizing her own passions in writing, public speaking, singing and performing.

A creation from her experience, The Cupcake Theory defined her purpose of inspiring others through the medium of book writing. During her journey in spreading her message, she reclaimed her passion in music. Thus, AZRA now uses her passion for music, entertainment and literature as mediums to accomplish her purpose of inspiring people to believe in themselves and be their very best at pursuing their dreams. 

Clara has entered her next chapter, another dimension she likes to call The 6th Dimension... Finally staying true to her message of "Following Your Passion,she is living her Dreams of being an influential Artist, Performer/Songwriter/Author/Motivator/Entrepreneur as well as continuing her work as an advocate of youth and people empowerment! She divides her time between the East and West Coasts to focus on her music, business, and speaking engagements.

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I believe in becoming part of something greater than myself by giving myself away - Clara

Follow Your Passion

Create Your Own Show

The World is Your Stage

For Anything You Can Imagine is Possible - Clara

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