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About the Book

The Cupcake Theory is a self-help and inspirational book on self-worth and romantic relationships using a unique analogy between cupcakes and people. This simple, digestible and relatable theory is contagious, unforgettable, and empowering. 

Through The Cupcake Theory: 

  • Learn how to embrace yourself and be confident of who you are

  • Shift your perspectives to engage in healthy relationships

  • Discover how love and relationships are analogous to cupcakes.
    Hint: we're looking past the colorful frosting

  • Find out just what kind of cupcake you might be and proudly flaunt your flavor

  • Learn new ways to encounter romance or repair a connection that's broken

America's all-time favorite treat becomes the most compelling relationship hypothesis you will ever consume!

Signed Copy

Also available on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes&Noble, Other book stores worldwide.


Foreword by, Robert J. Thomas, Ph.D. 

Robert J. Thomas is a Best-Selling author of Geeks and Geezers and Crucibles of Leadership. He is the Managing Director of the Accenture Institute for High Performance and Professor of Leadership at the Brandeis University International Business School. He writes, teaches and consults about leadership and transformational change. He is also a writer for Harvard Business School Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. He has been an intergral part of Clara's writing and book publishing process. A her mentor and advisor, Clara is forever grateful for Bob.

Cupcakes are already the sweetest treats in the whole world. Now, there’s a THEORY behind it that will change our lives and our relationships called The Cupcake Theory!

Imagine cupcakes making you happy inside and out?! That’s seriously… SWEET!

...from The Cupcake Theory Fundraising Campaign

     The Social Impact

No matter what kind of person we are, we all share one thing in common… desire to love and foster relationships. But if this is what truly creates happiness, why is it the most complex and the hardest thing to grasp?

Even when we are involved in a long term relationship or marriage, we often fall into moments of worry and doubt for our partners and ourselves. Is this normal? How can we resolve this? Why is it that when this journey of building relationships seems daunting, we are made to be communal beings?

We all deserve to be happy and successful in our relationships… and my team and I truly believe that The Cupcake Theory will make a contribution in reaching this goal of happiness in our world.

The Cupcake Theory Book is a short 64 page novelty book that can be gifted, put on coffee tables, or carried around in your pocket book. This is a simple yet profound little book of wisdom that sticks with you forever in a unique perspective about relationships. After you read this book, you will never look at cupcakes the same way!

The book consists of 10 illustrations and insightful text that is relatable and comparable. The book is very engaging and exciting to read quickly. Since the moment I came up with this theory, I never looked at my relationships the same way. I have also shared this concept with my friends and family and they too will state that they can’t help but to remember the CCT ever since I explained the theory to them. The Cupcake Theory is a little book for the people. It’s for all of us to savor and apply in our own lives… it’s a book that is so inevitable to remember.


     The Movement

This is a movement for all of us to finally begin to see that the core ingredient to being happy and taking control of our relationships is looking within ourselves. The goal of this book is truly, to empower every single one of us in relationships through using a simple yet sweet analysis of cupcakes and our souls which will help us remember the concept. I hope to reach as many people and spread the message to the world in various languages and forms (book and other types of media) so we can all have a bit more clue to this thing we call: life. 

Before my eye experience and numerous relationships experiences, I thought I was invincible - no sense of filter, just so new to everything... Then when I woke up that one summer morning in New York City, seeing nothing but black dots out of my right eye, stumbling out of bed, digging into the bathroom mirror, rubbing my eye thinking it's just fallen eye lashes and "sleepys" in my eye, I now know that it was an opening to my calling and mission in life. That year and a half of blindness and struggles were the preparation to the path of my life's destiny. So please, join me in this movement and growth together… The Cupcake Theory will be put into good purpose to empower others. 



     Her Story

I have a passion...My passion since I was 4 years old is being a singer and a teacher who expresses, connects and exchanges messages with others through singing, writing and performing. Well, just as I was starting to pursue my passion as a singer and performer after many years of life's transition and preparation, I at age nineteen, woke up one day half blind... So what does a distressed and heartbroken teen do when she's faced with a sudden health condition called Glacoma that forces her to stop all her passions? Well.. me? I turned to fostering relationhips, self-reflection, self-love and care. Then, when I came out of it, I wrote The Cupcake Theory. 

Though being diagnosed with Glacoma was a traumatic experience with plenty of dark moments, through this I realized my purpose. 

I have a purpose...My purpose is to inspire and help other individuals in the world overcome various obstacles and reach their fullest potentials in their lives. I have realized this path for myself when I temporarily lost my eyesight at age 19; followed by a full year of post-surgery rehabilitation where I had to be forced to give up all of my passions in the performing arts in singing and hiphop dancing & choreographing for the entire year. I was told that if I resumed doing any high intensive exercise or activity that required putting pressure in my eyes, I may have permanent sight loss. Being forced to give up on the biggest part of myself (performing and being the biggest clown/entertainer for the people) and the driver of my inspiration and energy, I could not help but cave inward and spend the next year after surgery being in the most vulnerable, confused, and emotional place of my life. For a whole year straight, I had to go in and out of emergency rooms and doctor visits once every week for check-ups, not even mentioning the medical bills I had incurred because back then I didn't know the different between PPO and HMO insurance! 

This circumstance gave me two choices, either go: 1. all out" crazy, give up on my life, and be reckless or 2. take this time to look inward and identify what is really important to me, and find ways to cope with my situation, and get help from people and my loved ones. 

Luckily, I chose the second option. 

During this time, since I couldn't express myself through performing arts, I began to write even more than I used to (I've always been a journal writer), read, think on my own, talk and listen to friends, family and mentors who reached out to help me… 

During the countless, probably a whole water tower worth of, tears, encouraging words and hopeful laughter from my supporters, I realized how much of an impact this had on me where my darkest outlook and perspective was transformed into enlightenment and inspiration. 

Don't get me wrong - I also saw many people who I thought were my best friends, boyfriend, and supporters slowly march their way out of my life in various ways. In addition, I also saw those people, who I never expected to be there for me, voluntarily enter into my life with love and compassion. These events made me experience the ride of the most extreme 'emotional roller coaster!' 

Despite my circumstances, these relationships really fostered happiness, inspiration and strength inside of me to fight through my physical challenges. 

Through this experience, I had learned the importance of relationships from friendships to romantic encounters, as well as, what it really takes to stay happy and successful in them… It had made such an impact in my life - I knew this was my calling. 

Gratefully, I am seeing out of my two eyes now, and back pursuing my passions in entertainment, fashion and media with a slightly different motivation and direction than I had when I was 19 years old. Now my focus is applying my talents and love for business and helping others see what's really important… their inner beauty and inner energy. For the past two years, I have started this movement through modeling, winning titles nationally, being published in magazines and newspapers, as well as, coaching aspiring models and artists to help them gain confidence and realize their beauty despite size or class; emphasizing that the strength and courage to be happy and successful all comes from within. 

Now, I am ready to continue my journey and return my life-changing gift I received during my darkest times back to the world through my passions… starting from what drove my inspiration and courage when I couldn't express myself through my passion in Music: Writing & Relationships. 

So here I am, with my first book, my first way of expression- The Cupcake Theory, a self-help, inspirational novelty book that reveals the secret ingredient to being happy and successful in your relationships! 

-Clara Lee

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