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Cupcakes!! really amazing!! who would have thought!!
Who would have thought that a cupcake could be an inspiration for something so nice.


- Indiegogo Campaign Supporter

A profound, fun-guised mantra that so effortlessly sheds light on the simple truth to happiness in the otherwise complicated but essential area of our lives that we call a ‘relationship.’ A deliciously simple illustration that thus makes it easy to see clearly at last, waiting to be found in the most obvious of places: You.


- Raquel Olsson, CCTV News host

 Cupcakes are now so trendy, but Clara Lee’s advice is tested, tried and ever true.  Teen girls, in particular, should heed her simple lessons about loving and depending on themselves as the cornerstone for a healthy romantic relationship.

- Janet Lever, Author, Cal State L.A. Professor of Sociology and former “Sex and Health” columnist for Glamour magazine

I love this book. The analogy of women to cupcakes is perfect and makes the profound statement that we need solid foundations on which to build our relationships. My word for this book is SWEET!


- Bonnie Weiss, acclaimed Life/Relationship Coach/Speaker

I've checked the campaign. I love inspirational books and I like the fact that the book is not just a book in itself but also a movement.   


- Indiegogo Campaign Supporter

"Lee engages our hearts and minds as women, in finding the beauty of faithfulness to ourselves and evolving our self-perceptions through her innovative theory of a cupcake. She has done a remarkable job in designing a way to motivate women to develop the skills to accept themselves for who they are and making themselves a priority."


- Gabriella Valez, MMG talent manager, Publicist and fitness director

The Cupcake Theory applies universally, not just to women. It is full of wonderful, digestible bits that serve as a reminder to men and women alike that a successful relationship starts with a rooted foundation in oneself. This is a go-to-guide with a valuable message that can be understood by teens and adults alike.


- Heidi Netzley, Manager, Creative Services at top Fortune 500 Entertainment Company -

“Clara Lee, entrepreneur, artist and author of the Cupcake Theory  presented at Rolling Hill Middle School PTA.  Ms. Lee did a wonderful job of demystifying relationships.  Her “Cupcake Theory” examined the foundation of a relationship (the cake) relative to the superfluous fluff (the frosting) which can make or break a relationship.  Her personal experiences relative to self-esteem is poignant and beneficial for all teens and adults experiencing self-image and relationship issues to really understand the importance of nurturing and being yourself.  Schools can benefit from Ms. Lee’s coaching as it can lead to empowerment of today’s youth.  Thanks for sharing your gift of storytelling” 

-Louisa Mendoza, Rolling Hills Middle School PTA President.

“…it didn’t take me long for me to realize that Clara Lee was on to something. …the simplest pieces of advice are often the most profound.”


- Robert J. Thomas, Ph.D.; Best Selling Author, Teacher, Consultant of Leadership and Transformational Change, Author of The Forword of The Cupcake Theory

At its core, Clara Lee’s ‘The Cupcake Theory’ is a meditation on accepting your real love and true strength as a person.


- Kenneth Elmore; Dean of Students at Boston University

 Truly inspiring.  I really enjoy the simplicity of the layout, the wonderful illustrations and your straight forward, uplifting prose.  A delicious theory that, for the rest of your life, will cause you to pause every time you bite into a cupcake. Discover the true meaning of cake versus frosting.

- Ron Buse, Creative Services director, top Fortune 500 entertainment company

This was a great book. The author gave great insights on relationships and even used illustrations to help the reader understand what she was saying. The book is fast to read and easy to understand as well. I love the cupcake analogy, and was definitely able to apply it to my marriage. The reader can easily apply the author's theories to any relationship. I also know that present relationships lead to the future and I was able to do some future planning with this book as well. This would make great book group conversations. I am giving this book a 5/5.

- Vicky at The Deal Sharing Aunt 

If you have a spare 20 minutes before class and nothing to do, pick up a copy of the short and sweet book of wisdom written by Clara Lee called The Cupcake Theory. Although it takes next to no time to read, Lee’s book is an important read for anyone who is faring the dangerous seas of relationships and how to deal with them.

In The Cupcake Theory, Lee emphasizes the importance of remaining true to yourself when you’re in a romantic relationship. She starts off by discussing how in our lives, we have the constant duty to remember our uniqueness and individuality. The idea is that we spend our whole lives getting to know our true selves, and how this journey shouldn’t be about anyone but ourselves. When we enter into a relationship with another person, it is imperative that we remember that we are complete and up-to-par people in and of ourselves. The person we choose to be in a relationship with should simply complement us and bring out the best things about us.

That’s where this whole cupcake metaphor comes in.

The entire idea is brilliant. In essence, we as people are the cupcake. Cupcakes have real substance, are delicious on their own, maintain a stable base, and are each unique. Similarly, each person has things about them that are interesting and substantial, is good enough without anyone or anything outside of themselves, should have a stable base of their own that holds them up, and is a unique individual. A simple enough comparison.

The other part of the comparison is the frosting. Sure, the frosting is fun and delicious, but the point is that it simply complements the cupcake. The cupcake would still be a cupcake (and awesome) without the frosting. This is how Lee describes a healthy significant other: someone who complements you and brings out the best in you. They should never overpower you, drag you down, or change who you are.

With 10 pages full of examples of frosting to look out for as well as lots of love and sweetness, this book is a must-read for everyone, not just people who may be struggling with a relationship. It’s always healthy to assess yourself, and The Cupcake Theory is the perfect book to help you do that. The pages hold lots of fun artwork and helpful hints as well as instructions on how to be a healthy cupcake looking for a healthy frosting companion!

In terms of a second book, perhaps on how to be a healthy frosting or remembering that every person is both a cupcake and frosting, there’s more on that to come! Check out next week’s issue of The Sandspur for an exclusive interview with the author of The Cupcake Theory, Clara Lee. In the mean time, pick up a copy of The Cupcake Theory and learn all about yourself and the delicious and unique cupcake you are!

- Kate Stefanski at The Sandpur

Even though I am happily married and feel that I truly have gotten past the frosting of my husband, I really enjoyed reading the book.  There is so much more information in this book than just looking for romance! It’s about YOU!  About how you should never lose sight of yourself and how you can COMPLEMENT your partner.  And of course, we can always put these words to use with friendships and family relationships as well.  

Clara Lee’s words are profound.  The Cupcake Theory is a quick easy-to-remember guide for anyone needing a pick me up.  It’s a great reminder to always love ourselves first and to take care of ourselves before we can build any other relationships.

- Reesa at Mama Lew

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